Longer Voluminous Hair in 15 Minutes ⏰

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Longer Voluminous Hair in 15 Minutes ⏰

Hair Hack! I can tell you how to get longer, voluminous tresses in 15 minutes. That’s right, magazine cover hair in 15 minutes while only using 4 to 5 tools! Ready to learn how? Let’s get started.

Model is wearing 26” Elite Wavy Clip-ins (click above)

You will need a comb, a brush, and 1 or 2 set(s) of clip in extensions feel free to grab hairspray or any product that will help blend your hair. No heavy oils though. To start you want to make sure your hair texture and the texture of your extensions match. If not, this will take a lot longer than 15 minutes.

You want to start with clean prepped hair. *I usually wash my hair with a moisturizing shampoo and follow with a hydrating conditioner. I also use a leave in conditioner and products that reduce frizz and protect against heat because I blow dry and flat iron my hair straight to match my clip-in extensions.*

Quick note: I will be using some hair terminology in some of the explanations.

After prepping your hair the way you want, get your comb and part the back of your hair right above the nape before the occipital bone. This is where you will place your first clip-in. I usually use the 3-clip track. Open your clips, place it in your hair, and clamp the clips to close them. *If you find that your hair is slick, you can tease it a little to hold the clips in better.*

You will work your way up from here all the way until you reach the top. I use the 4 clip track next and place it right on my occipital and it usually comes pretty far around on my head. The next one I use is the other 3 clip track and I place it in the crown. Then I move to the sides and front. I like to wear my part in the middle but you can do a side part too.

Now, this is important. You want to be conscious of your face shape when you’re putting your clips on the sides and front. My face is oblong right now (it’s more oval when I lose weight). I like heavy volume on the top and sides. To achieve this, I put my one clips above my sideburns in aligned with the front of my ear. I clip them diagonal forward. I place my 2 clip on the diagonal forward starting at the fringe area on each side. These angles create movement towards my face, it adds a little framing/layered look, and this placement gives the right volume with balance. 

Model customized Elite Wavy Clip-ins (click above)

Keep in mind this is what works for me and my face shape. If you have a similar shape, you can try this method. If not, I recommend playing with the clips by placing them maybe the opposite on the sides or a different areas to see what works for you. Once you figure that out, it should only take you about 15 minutes to put your clips in. 

Once your clips are in brush them to blend with your hair. *Feel free to add a little hairspray or any product that you feel will help blend your hair blend in with the extensions.* Now slay! You are finished and ready to make moves!